Ok, so here it goes….

My first blog post! Eek! Are you as nervous as I am? I doubt it!

Since it’s my first blog post, I’ll start with an introduction. An introduction to me and my passion…photography!

Ohhhhhmmmyyygooodnnessss, the things I can say about photography. You know that feeling when you get a fresh, warm blanket straight from the dryer and you immerse yourself in it and it’s warm? Yeah, that’s what it feels like when I do photography. It’s the best feeling and when I capture something amazing or perfect, I want to scream with excitement!

I guess it all started when I was younger. There was something I just loved about photography. So ever since then, I’ve been through classes and workshops to get to where I am now, still a student! I’m still a student and honestly, I’ll always be! I consider myself to be professional, yes, but more so a student because with every session, it brings new  learning opportunities that I wouldn’t miss for anything! I love learning everything I can about my skill and how to continue to grow and perfect it! I really appreciate all of you that have watched me grow since I started my own business in 2013. It’s been so amazing! Not only because of the things I’ve learned, but the friendships I have made with each and everyone of you! I cherish these friendships more than you imagine.

Well, now you know why I do it, maybe I should tell you who I am. I’m Amanda. But, I’m so much more than just Amanda. I’m a mom to a beautiful brown eyed girl.  I’m a tattoo lover, and I plan to have many more. I think I’m up to 14 tattoos, but I’ve lost count. I’m a horror movie fanatic, but in real life, I’m a huge chicken. I’m an over user of hair spray. This Florida humidity won’t stand a chance against the amount of hair spray that I use.